Karate Kid Fast Food

Karate Kid Fast Food

After 3 consecutive nights of having dinner in fast food stores, the husband and I had the mistake of eating in another one (again!) last night.Spell unhealthy.Ugh!

We went to the mall after hearing ma*s yesterday just to buy a few household items and since we were there already we just decided to eat in a fast food than contain our hunger until we get home.Excuses excuses.I know.

There were too many people in SM because of the 3-day sale (I am amazed how Filipinos love any sale) so we decided to eat someplace not too popular.

I wanted to eat in Shakey’s but there weren’t any available table.Then we found this Japanese fast food chain just across Shakey’s called Karate Kid.It looked enticing enough so we tried anyway.

beef gyudon.Our meal came with refillableiced tea

What I like:

1.The prices are reasonable.They have meals worth 99Php only (with refillable rice but no drinks).They also have teppanyaki meal(s) that’s В good for 2 pax.It costs 275Php (with refillable rice and drinks).

2.Their menu has a wide selection.There are enough dishes to choose from.

3.The place looks better than most fastfood stores.The lights are a bit dim which gives the place a restaurant-like vibe.

What I don’t like:

1.The food took a bit long before it was served.And I thought it was a fastfood.

2.The servers were not attentive enough.While we were waiting for our food to be served, we already finished our iced tea.We were signalling one of the servers for a refill, but he was constantly ignoring us.Good thing the store manager noticed us and he was the one who refilled our drinks.Haaay..

3.The chicken teppanyaki was just so-so.Nothing too spectacular or unique about it.Though the beef gyudon is quite good.The Kiddo Punch is a tad too sweet as well and leaves a feeling that something’s trapped in my tonsils.It would have been okay had the sugar been toned down a bit.

My over-all verdict?

still Recommended!


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